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X-Ray-S Glass
5/16" (8mm) Clear
Radiation Protective
Lead Glass
5/16" (8mm) X-Ray-S Safety Glass
5/16" (8mm) X-Ray Glass - Non-Safety Rated
INSTALLATION: By using glazing tape or glazing compound on both sides of glass, sandwiched between a lead lined metal vision frame
CLASSIFICATION MARKINGS: Each piece of glass is cut to size. 5/16" X-Ray Safety Glass is permanently marked as meeting ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat II requirements for impact resistance.
Only when utilizing Lead Lined FGS-MS5-FR and FireLite® NT or FireLite® Plus
20/45 minute:
Approved listing at 1296 sq. in. visible lite
60/90 minute:
Approved listing at 100 sq. in. visible lite
Technical Data
Glazing Tape
Lead Lined Vision Frames
LoPro Lo-Profile Lead Lined
FGS-MS5-FR Lead Lined and Fire Rated


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