Custom Metal Vision Frames
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Lo-Profile Round
Metal Vision Frame
20 GA (1mm) Cold Rolled Steel (LoPro Style)
18 GA (1.2mm) Cold Rolled Steel (FP)
FINISH: Grey Primer, Beige or Bronze Baked Enamel
INSTALLATION: Self attaching style. Uses sheet metal screws that pass through the door cutout, and fasten to the opposite side of the vision frame. FP installs with Thru-Bolts.
DOOR THICKNESS: 1-3/4" (44mm) Wood or Metal Doors
GLAZING: 1/4" (6mm), 3/16" (5mm) or 5/16" (8mm) Fire and Safety Rated Glass
AESTHETICS: (LoPro style) Low profile and beveled glass stop provide a clean tapered look.
FIRE TESTED: with U.L. and W.H.I mark
• 20* minute: up to 3204 sq. in. visible lite
• 45*/60* minute: up to 2772 sq. in. visible lite
• 90* minute: up to 1296 sq. in. visible lite
• 180* minute: up to 100 sq. in. visible lite
*Must be used with FireLite Plus or NT and fire listed glazing tape, and be used in an appropriately tested door assembly
Tested to: BS 476.22 and EN-1634
OPTIONAL FEATURES: Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Custom Baked Enamel Paint Colors, Security Screws
Lo-FP-12 - Technical Data
Lo-FP-18 - Technical Data
Lo-FP-24 - Technical Data
LoPro™-CS Non Curved
Technical Data
LoPro™-CS Curved
Technical Data
Installation Instructions

Custom Shape
Metal Vision Frame

Product Features
Screws for Metal Vision Frames
HM-Clip Hollow Metal Door Clip

Other Models Available

LoPro-CS-HC Half Circle Reference Sheet
LoPro-CS-QR Quarter Radius Reference Sheet
LoPro™-IS-MB Metal Vision Frame with Internal White Mini-Blind
FP-12 12" 90° Profile Round Frame Thru Bolt Installation
FP-18 18" 90° Profile Round Frame Thru Bolt Installation
FP-24 24" 90° Profile Round Frame Thru Bolt Installation
FGS-75-CS Thru Bolted Custom Shape Metal Vision Frame


Metal Vision Frames

Metal Vision Frames

Metal Vision Frames

Metal Vision Frames

Wood Veneer
Metal Vision Frame

Hurricane Rated
Metal Vision Frame

Sound Rated
Metal Vision Frame